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In 2008 a small group of parents whose children had hidden impairments wanted to give their children positive experiences and help other families. Over time WHISH expanded and became a registered charity in 2015.

We want to help reduce social isolation and offer fun, educational and social opportunities for children and parents. WHISH aims to build confidence and improve mental health through sharing experiences and gaining beneficial life skills.

What are Hidden Impairments?

Hidden impairments refer to any diagnosis (physical, sensory, emotional, or psychological) which impacts daily life, but is not visually apparent to others. Examples of hidden impairments include; autism, diabetes, ADHD, depression, learning difficulties, anxiety, visual/hearing impairments, and many more.

How do we help?

WHISH has a large sensory room, an activity room, and a community hub with a food bank, all free to our members. We have a busy and dedicated activities calendar perfect for families living with hidden impairments. Please look on our activity page for our latest events.

WHISH offers opportunities for parents to meet each other through our coffee mornings and activity programme to help build friendships and exchange information.

We work closely with community groups and other support networks to help our members and their families. WHISH offers guidance to families by referring them to specific organisations that are best placed to support their situation.

In October 2022, we moved into our new premises at St. Hilda's hub, Waterstead Lane Whitby.

Can we help you and your family?

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